13 Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog

When it comes to the arrival of our new best friend at home, we have to make sure we know as much as we can about caring for a dog in order to prepare ourselves and give them the attention they may need. Remember that the more you know about the subject, the greater your security to offer a loving and fun home. CMM wants to help you with this and that is why Pet Parlour offers you some general advice about its care.

Identify it
The care of a dog depends on us, and begins with its safety. Although most of the time at home, you should ALWAYS have a necklace and identification plate with your name, address and telephone number. Despite how careful we can be as owners, the possibility of losing it unfortunately exists and these measures increase the opportunity that someone notices that it is from home, they protect it and indeed you find it safe and sound. Nowadays there is also the option of the microchip, so although she will lose her collar, when scanned by a veterinarian or shelter, your information will appear and you will be contacted.

Clean and safe
home Make your house suitable for having a dog, that is, make sure to remove all objects that could be dangerous and remember that cleaning is essential for a good quality of life.

Fresh water
Hydration is extremely important for your health and energy, you should always have clean, fresh water available.

Quality and healthy diet
Just as in humans, being overweight can dramatically affect your health. Follow the instructions of your veterinarian according to her breed, size and age. Don't forget to also choose healthy treats. 

Consult your veterinarian frequently
The veterinarian will offer you the necessary information on caring for a dog in terms of health such as vaccines, dewormers and hygiene. Remember to always keep a copy of your health card at home or with you if you travel. It will also guide you in other decisions that you must make or issues that you do not know, if at any time you have doubts about her health, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible and choose who inspires all your confidence and you can contact in case of emergency.

Frequent exercise
Make sure he receives the necessary exercise to maintain his condition. By being fit, your dog will have a better chance of participating in activities that he is sure to enjoy. If they leave home, try to always have it on a leash and under control as it will be better for you and the community.

Dogs are sociable by nature and need interaction with their owner. The quality time they will have will help you get to know your dog and understand any particular needs he may have in the future, as well as make it easier for you to recognize early symptoms of discomfort. In addition to this, the time you spend together will help prevent future misbehavior.

If your pet is outside and has a roof or a house to shelter from the sun and rain, it is already a gain, especially for large and very active dogs. Either way, dogs should never be outside for long periods of time alone. As we mentioned before, they need company and should spend as much time as possible with their family.

Basic education Basic
training for puppies and adult dogs can be very helpful. The easier it is for you to follow basic and necessary commands, the greater the chances that you will have a long and safe life. 

Safe reproduction Caring
for a dog is not just about health, exercise and appearance. The decision of its reproduction is also in our hands. If you are not interested in raising puppies, spaying or neuteringit is an option. If you plan to continue breeding or are against spaying / neutering for other reasons, take safe measures to avoid unwanted crossbreeding (check with your vet for options) and always take into account the people to whom you will give the puppies . Consider that dogs that carry out these procedures tend to live longer, are healthier and have fewer behavior problems (they are less dominant, mark less territory, are less likely to bite or run away, among others). On the other hand, you will also be contributing to the current overcrowding and encouraging the adoption of dogs . If your problem is economic, ask local associations for sterilization campaigns.

Dental cleaning
It is not just bad breath or yellow teeth, many breeds are more prone to dental diseases such as gingivitis or plaque build-up. In the long term, it could cause infections that could lead to consequences such as early tooth loss and heart, liver or kidney problems. Set up a review visit with your vet every so often.

grooming Long-haired dogs may have dry skin or some other skin problem so it is important to groom them frequently. It will also be necessary to take care of their nails because in the case of dogs of the 3rd age it can make it difficult for them to walk and in general they could break which would be somewhat painful.

Knowledge is power. Caring for a dog is nothing more than the will to offer it the best life you can, find out and learn as much as possible about your dog, its breed if it is the case. Enjoy your time with him and always give him the opportunity to learn as time goes on. You will never regret your decision to purchase it as long as you provide the tools to behave according to your rules and in a safe, clean and happy home.

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