10 Surprising Facts About Pitbulls You Didn't Know Before

There are mixed thoughts about American Pitbull Terriers, commonly called Pitbulls. Some people consider them stubborn and aggressive dogs, whereas some are loving and faithful dogs. Before believing any stereotypical misconception, you need to know some surprising facts about Pitbulls.

Therefore, in this article, we will describe some facts so that you can clear your misconception about these dogs if you have any. Moreover, it will also help you understand the nature, lifestyle, and temperament of Pitbulls (American Pitbull Terrier).

10 Surprising Facts About Pitbulls1. Origin of Pitbulls

Pitbulls were originated initially in England, Scotland, and Ireland. The farmers experimented crossbreed between bulldogs and terriers to make a dog breed that can do all kinds of chores. They were originated in the 19th century, brought to America by settlers, and are now known as American heroes.

Let's tell you about some amazing facts you didn't know before. Pitbulls have now been banned in Wales and England, where they were first originated.

2. Behavior Towards Their owners

The behavior of Pitbulls towards their owner depends upon the environment in which they have been trained. Some cases have been reported where Pitbull attacked their owners. The reason is that they were bred for fighting.

On the other hand, some Pitbull dogs were found loving, gentle, and affectionate towards their owner. So, the behavior depends on the purpose of their breeding and environment in which he has been trained.

3. Behavior Towards Humans

Each Pitbull has different behavior towards humans. Pitbulls which were bred for fighting purpose also attacked humans. This is because someone has to be in the fighting ring with Pitbulls so they might attack humans as well.

On the other hand, some Pitbulls have been found lovable, affectionate towards human beings. However, vets recommend a lot of socialization for these dogs to be perfect family pets.

4. Behavior Towards Kids

People often think that these dogs have an aggressive nature, and they are stubborn. Therefore, they do not let their children play with the dog. However, it's not true. Pitbulls were once called nanny dogs because these were so much attached to children. You can find many pictures of kids and Pitbulls together on the internet.

5. Pitbulls as guarding dogs

Some Pitbulls are lovable towards human beings, which means that they will not serve as the best guard dogs. They will not attack the strangers and may become friends with them.

Therefore, if you want to keep Pitbull for guarding purpose, you must invest in proper training. Protection training will also help a lot in making them the best guard dogs.

6. Pitbulls as war dogs

When you look for some amazing facts about Pitbulls, you will also come to know that Pitbulls were war dogs too. Pitbulls were used as army mascots in World War I on propaganda posters. Different countries were symbolized using images of other dogs. For this reason, Pitbulls were used by the United States. It presented bravery, loyalty, and respect.

7. Skin Colors

You can find almost all animal colors except merle. Merle color is not present in the genes of Pitbulls. Other than that, Pitbulls can have any color that you can think of. If you find any pitbull in merle color, be careful as it is not a pure Pitbull. Also, this kind of dog has not been recognized by any breeding club.

8. Pitbull Jaw Locking:

There is a prevalent myth about Pitbulls that they can lock their jaw, which means that they cannot release the thing they hold. But this is not true; they are no different from other dogs. No doubt, they have strong jaws, but the myth is not true at all.

9. Health of Pitbulls:

Pitbulls are strong and healthy dogs, and they usually have high lifespans than other dogs. These dogs hardly have any health problems or complications. The most common health problems you can see in a Pitbull are thyroid problems, congenital heart defects, and skin allergies.

10. Food Requirements of Pitbull

Talking about some of the facts about Pitbulls, this is another fact about their food. Pitbulls are healthy and large dogs, so people might think they need a large amount of food. However, this is not true.

Pitbulls need a high protein diet, and it shouldn't be served right after exercise. It is better that you serve a small portion of food 2 to 4 times a day, and your dog will do the best.


Pitbulls are popular dogs, and people often consider them a separate dog breed. There are some undiscovered facts about these dogs. For this reason, facts about Pitbulls have been mentioned above. These dogs do not have a good reputation, and they are often abused and neglected. The reason is that they have been found attacking human beings and other animals.

However, the behavior of American Pitbull Terriers aka Pitbulls, all depends on their training environment. You need to train these dogs in a less aggressive environment. Also, you have to be patient and reward them. In this way, these dogs can be the perfect family dogs that you will love.

Source: Dogtime & PetsDiaries

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