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Join the Advocacy Brigade - Springfield, MO

Last October, the Springfield (MO) City Council narrowly passed a measure that left pit bulls and pit bull advocates unwelcome in your city. The bill bans city residents from bringing new pit bull dogs into their homes and requires current pit bulls to be muzzled when outdoors.

This type of breed-specific legislation, also referred to as “BSL,” has been proven highly ineffective and costly to maintain in other jurisdictions. Following a thorough study of human fatalities resulting from dog bites, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) decided to strongly oppose BSL, citing the difficulty in identifying dog breeds and the inaccuracy of dog bite data.

Even worse, this ordinance dooms any pit bull-type dog entering your local shelter system to automatic euthanasia. This ban in no way keeps pets and people together or promotes a healthy human-animal bond.

Citizens and animal advocates of Springfield have recognized the danger posed by this ordinance. Between October 2 and 31, 2017, nearly 8,000 Springfield residents signed a petition to initiate a repeal of this harmful law. Thanks to the hard work these of local animal advocates, you’re getting a chance to make this right. On August 7, Springfield residents will go to the polls and decide whether to overturn this cruel, discriminatory ordinance. 

To find your polling location, please visit the Missouri Secretary of State's Voter Outreach Center. Then, stay informed on this issue by joining our Advocacy Brigade using the form below. 

For more information on this specific issue, please check out Citizens Against BSL.

Thank you, Springfield!

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