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Please Sign S.B. 103 to End Breed-Specific Discrimination

Dear Governor Sisolak,
As a Nevadan concerned about how housing instability affects the state’s residents, I am writing to ask you to please sign Senate Bill 103 into law. S.B. 103 would improve protections for over a third of the state’s residents by prohibiting insurance companies from denying property insurance coverage based on the breed of a family’s dog. We believe that all dogs are valued individuals and should be treated accordingly, and we hope that you agree. S.B. 103 allows insurance companies to evaluate each dog independently based upon their temperament and behavior regardless of breed, which is consistent with an existing state law (NRS 202.500) that prohibits breed discrimination by state or local public bodies. This bill would remove housing barriers for thousands of responsible Nevadan dog guardians. Thank you for your time and consideration.