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Please Give S.3531 a Senate Vote!

Dear Senator,
As a constituent, I respectfully request that you urge leadership to schedule bipartisan S.3531 banning predatory pet leasing for a Senate floor vote before the summer recess. This legislation recently passed overwhelmingly in the Assembly and Senate Commerce Committee. Unbelievably, in New Jersey, it is still legal for pet shops and pet dealers to engage in exploitative pet leasing or contracting schemes. At the end of their transaction, New Jersey consumers believe they own the dog or cat they have bought and will simply be able to make affordable monthly payments. However, purchasers end up paying thousands more over many years, often with heavy default penalties – including forfeiture of their beloved pet to the leasing company. Again, I respectfully urge you to ask Senate leadership to schedule S.3531 for a Senate floor vote before the summer recess.