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Please sign S.2674 and S.1923 into law.

Dear Governor,
As a New Jersey resident, I respectfully request that you sign S.2674/A.4157 and S.1923 into law. S.2674 will help ensure that dogs, service animals and pets are seized when they are at imminent risk of death or injury due to inhumane tethering or a failure to provide proper shelter. By clarifying the circumstances under which seizures may occur, S.2674 will also help ensure that seizures are executed properly and animal cruelty is prosecuted successfully. S.1923 will require that canine dogfighting victims are not punished with unfair confinement or destruction based on their abusive pasts, but are instead evaluated solely as individuals. S.1923’s needed revisions to New Jersey’s dangerous dog law would also end the needless exposure of rescuers and adopters to liability if they intervene to help canine dog fighting victims. In addition, it is hoped that by eliminating the harmful labeling of canine dog fighting victims, S.1923 will also encourage dogfighting prosecutions. The welfare of New Jersey’s animals depends on the passage of these important humane bills. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.