Team ASPCA Training Challenge

Need a little extra motivation to achieve your fitness goals? Or maybe want a chance to show off how far you’ve come? Either way, join the Team ASPCA training challenge! Whether you are attending one of our official races or created a personal campaign for your local race as an Athletic Ambassador, we want to see your hard work! 

Each month, one challenge contestant will receive a special prize and be featured on the Team ASPCA Facebook and Twitter pages!  

Here’s how you can enter the Team ASPCA training challenge: 

1.     Share at least one (we encourage more!) training photo using the hashtag #TeamAChallenge on your Instagram or Twitter accounts. From pics with your four-legged running buddy to sweaty selfies on your favorite route, we want to see it all! 

2.     In 250 words or less, tell us why you decided to get active for animals by joining the Team ASPCA endurance program. Share your story in the form below.

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