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The ASPCA Equine Fund awards substantial grants to established organizations across the country that work to make life better for horses. The grants we distribute:

- Reduce the suffering of horses, mules and donkeys who have been cruelly treated or lost their homes;

- Help animal welfare agencies cover the costs (feed, medical care, farrier work, transport) of large cruelty seizures, disasters and impoundments;

- Provide emergency-based funding for hay, feed and essential supplements.

In these trying economic times, 90,000-100,000 American horses are taken to livestock auctions each year and purchased for transport to Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses, where they will suffer the ultimate betrayal and face brutal conditions and cruel deaths. Thousands of others are fortunate enough to find their way to safe havens, but these equine rescues and sanctuaries need your help to sustain their life-saving programs.