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  • The ASPCA works to keep more animals in loving homes by protecting animals from harmful situations through community engagement, preventative action and providing resources and care when needed.

  • No matter the location or scale of deployment, the ASPCA is prepared to take on animal cruelty cases when needed—from assisting initial investigations to securing final placement of rescued animals in homes.

  • The ASPCA takes every possible action to care for homeless animals and victims of cruelty and neglect and increase their probability of adoption.

  • Helping to create, promote, enact, and enforce stronger animal-protection laws is a big part of what we do. From fighting puppy mills and improving chicken welfare to providing expert forensics and testimony, see what we’re working on and how you can get involved.

  • No animals—including those raised for food—should live in conditions that produce abuse and suffering. The ASPCA is committed to creating a more humane world for farm animals and helping consumers make informed decisions about what they eat.

  • The ASPCA is committed to ensuring good welfare for all equines in the United States. We build programs that support horses and their owners, advocate for stronger laws for these under-protected animals, and are the guiding force of a movement to reimagine and increase equine adoption.