Washington, Stand Up for Pet-Friendly Housing

WA H.B. 2114—Removing Barriers to Pets in Housing
ASPCA Position: Support
Sponsor: Rep. Emily Alvarado

Washington State lawmakers are considering a bill that would increase housing stability for renters and remove barriers to pets in rental housing, making it possible for families to find and keep homes that welcome their beloved pets. This pet-friendly housing bill would cap deposits and fees charged upfront by a landlord, including those related to pets. It has already passed in the House of Representatives and is now before the Senate.

Why pet-friendly housing is important Pet owners face huge barriers when searching for a home. Renters, especially lower-income renters, are more likely to have to rehome their pets due to housing issues than for any other reason. When renters do find housing that allows pets, it often comes with costly upfront pet deposits and/or pet-related fees. When added to other upfront expenses, these additional costs have a devastating impact on people who are already struggling to find cost-appropriate housing.

Pets are considered part of the family by most, yet an increasing number of pet owners are being forced to surrender their animals due to restrictive and costly housing policies. It’s severing important bonds and flooding animal shelters and rescues with pets who could have remained with their families if these barriers didn’t exist. Washington House Bill 2114 is a huge step in eliminating barriers to keeping pets at home with the people who love them. 

What You Can Do

Time is running out to make Washington's housing truly pet-friendly. Please use the form below to email your state senator in Olympia urging them to support H.B. 2114. You can send the message as is, or you can customize it with a personal story describing how this issue has impacted you. Your story can make a difference.

Thank you for taking action to help people and pets stay together in Washington!