USA: Keep Innocent Animals Safe from Torture!


Update—November 25, 2019: Great news, advocates! Certain acts and instances of animal cruelty may now be prosecuted on the federal level. We want to thank everyone who spoke up on this critical issue.

The Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act (signed into law in 2010) prohibits the sale and distribution of crush videos. These gruesome videos record the intentional torture (crushing, burning, suffocating or other cruelty) and killing of live animals, such as hamsters, kittens or other small animals, for the sick gratification of the viewer. While the distribution of these appalling videos is illegal under federal law, the violent acts recorded in them were not until the recent passage of the PACT Act.

Thanks to your support and advocacy, the violent acts of animal cruelty recorded in crush videos can now be prosecuted at the federal level in instances where local and state law enforcement cannot reach. This federal law is a huge victory and will bolster protections for our animal friends everywhere.