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Protect Farm Animals in 2023 Farm Bill

Dear Legislator,

Please support important measures to build a more humane, just and fair food system through the 2023 Farm Bill. I care deeply about ensuring the humane treatment of animals and the Farm Bill is an opportunity to make much-needed improvements to existing policies that are failing to protect farm animals.

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The vast majority (89%) of people are concerned about industrial animal agriculture and want to support farmers who are raising animals in more humane systems. Public dollars should not support a cruel, polluting factory farm system that harms animals, the environment, workers, farmers and rural communities alike. As Congress continues its work to negotiate a fair, just and humane 2023 Farm Bill that helps farmers, consumers and the American public, I urge you to cosponsor and support the inclusion of the following pieces of legislation:

The Farm System Reform Act
S. 271 (Sen. Booker, D-NJ) / H.R. 797 (Rep. Khanna, D-CA-17)

The Farm System Reform Act would phase out factory farms by curbing the expansion or construction of new large-scale Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). It would also provide federal support to help farmers transition away from factory farming to higher-welfare production systems, hold CAFOs accountable for the harm done to local communities, and better regulate unfair production contracts that trap farmers in cycles of debt and limit their ability to improve animal welfare.

The Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act
S. 272 (Sen. Booker, D-NJ) / H.R. 805 (Rep. McGovern, D-MA-2)

The Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act offers solutions to address farm animal cruelty and the devastation caused by factory farming by requiring producers to create disaster plans that would help prevent cruel, large-scale culling of millions of animals. The bill would also increase resources for more humane transport and higher welfare slaughter technology and eliminate dangerous slaughter line speed increases to protect worker safety.

As your constituent, I urge you to cosponsor the Farm System Reform Act and the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act and push for their inclusion in the 2023 Farm Bill to hold multinational animal agriculture corporations accountable for the harms they inflict on animals, farmers and the environment. Thank you for your attention to these critical issues.

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Please End the Slaughter of America’s Horses

As an American voter and advocate for animals, I strongly urge Congress to pass a permanent ban on horse slaughter this year. Millions of horse owners and enthusiasts across the country, along with 83% of American voters like me, support a ban on horse slaughter. We are so close, but a loophole in current laws is allowing our country’s horses to be shipped abroad and killed for human consumption. It’s time to close this loophole! Congress, please protect America’s horses and ban this predatory practice.


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