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Oklahoma: Gov. Signs “Right to Farm” Bill

Oklahoma: Gov. Signs “Right to Farm” Bill

Update—April 2, 2019: We are disappointed to report that Governor Stitt signed H.B. 2373 into law. We want to thank all of you who spoke up on behalf of this important issue, and we hope you will stand besides us as we continue to work to defeat legislation that protects the interests of “Big Ag” over the rights of Oklahoma’s people and animals.

As awareness of the devastating environmental impact of industrial farming grows, communities concerned about their health and wellbeing have taken action to combat these effects. Rather than reform their destructive practices, corporate agribusiness is responding by pushing "Right to Farm" laws.

These misleadingly named laws can actually prohibit local governments from enacting tougher agricultural and animal welfare standards and restrict the ability of citizens dispute changes to agricultural operations—even if an operation has expanded significantly or is employing practices that have serious impacts on air, water and overall quality of life for nearby communities.

If House Bill 2373 passes, factory farms would be able to operate without having to worry about the impacts their practices have on the communities around them. What’s more, the proposal would limit the amount of damages that can be awarded in agricultural nuisance suits, regardless of how much the people have suffered. The state should not protect the pocketbooks of factory farms over the wellbeing and health of Oklahoma’s local communities and animals.