NY: Urge Governor to Sign the Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill

The New York State Legislature passed the Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill in June, but it still needs Governor Hochul’s signature to become law. Please use the form below to ask her to sign the bill into law! Her approval is not guaranteed—we still need New York advocates to speak up.

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The Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill will end the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet shops, making it harder for puppy mills to profit in the Empire State.

Right now, out of state puppy mills ship their puppies via a pipeline of middlemen to New York pet stores, where they are marketed as healthy puppies from responsible breeders. But puppy mills make money by breeding dogs over and over in cruel conditions, selling huge numbers of puppies to pet stores. It’s a cruel and broken system made possible because, in New York State, it’s still legal to sell cruelly bred dogs and cats in pet stores.

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