New York, Create a More Humane Food System

NY S.7534/A.8580—Good Food NY
ASPCA Position: Support
Sponsors: Senator Michelle Hinchey, Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes

Millions of meals are served each year within New York’s schools, hospitals, correctional facilities and other public institutions. These establishments spend well over $1 billion annually on food, but current state law requires them to purchase food from the “lowest responsible bidder.” This policy forces institutions to source the cheapest option for the food they prepare and serve, making it nearly impossible to purchase animal products that meet higher welfare standards.

Fortunately, Senator Michelle Hinchey and Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes recently introduced groundbreaking legislation (S.7534/A.8580) that will allow New York institutions to spend up to 10% more to source food from vendors that meet specific values-based criteria, including animal welfare.

The new legislation will encourage public institutions to use the power of food procurement to improve the lives of millions of farm animals, while also supporting environmental sustainability, racial equity, fair labor practices, local economies and nutrition in the Empire State.

What You Can Do

Together we can protect farm animals from cruelty. Contact your state representatives TODAY and urge them to cosponsor and pass this crucial legislation that will help support more humane farming practices.

Thank you, New York, for all you do for animals.