Nevada: Put a Stop to Breed-Specific Insurance Discrimination

NV S.B. 103—Prohibits Breed Discrimination by Insurers
ASPCA Position: Support
Sponsor: Senator Melanie Scheible

At a time of unprecedented housing challenges, the cost and availability of property insurance is an unnecessary barrier to housing for responsible Nevada dog owners.

This is because it is legal for property-insurance providers in Nevada to significantly increase costs or even deny property insurance coverage altogether for customers with specific breeds of dogs in their homes. But there is no sound evidence to support this policy. Insurance claim data does not validate the idea that certain breeds of dogs are a bigger risk as compared to non-restricted breeds.

What’s more, this practice by insurance companies runs counter to Nevada state law, which prohibits dogs from being regulated by their breed.

What You Can Do

Great news! The Nevada State Senate passed S.B. 103. This is a huge step forward for dogs and their families, but we still need your help.

The bill will be voted on by the Assembly Commerce and Labor Committee on Wednesday, May 12. Please use the form below to send your state representative a message of support, and then please email us directly at to get involved in helping us advance this important bill. There are many ways you can get involved from home, and we’ll guide you every step of the way!