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New Jersey, Bill to Help Victims of Dogfighting Needs Your Voice

New Jersey, Bill to Help Victims of Dogfighting Needs Your Voice

Update—January 14, 2019: We STILL need your help! Legislation to help vulnerable victims of dogfighting and abuse passed unanimously in the state Senate but continues to stall in the Assembly. Even if you have done so before, please email your state assemblymembers and Speaker Coughlin and urge them to pass S.1923 in the Assembly with no further changes. See action steps below. 

The New Jersey legislature is considering legislation (S. 1923/A.1822) that would eliminate the damaging, automatic legal designations of “vicious” and “potentially dangerous” for dogs who were forced to engage in fighting activities or “unprovoked attacks.”

Dogs used in the heinous “sport” of  dogfighting are cruelty victims, but under New Jersey’s current dangerous dog law, many face unwarranted confinement or destruction. Fear of heightened liability due to the labels imposed by this outmoded law may also discourage rescuers’ and adopters’ intervention. In addition, because prosecuting dog fighters would have the negative effect of harmfully and inappropriately labeling their canine victims, such prosecutions might not occur .

S.1923 would allow dogs to be evaluated solely based on behavior, with only genuine and unprovoked aggression resulting in restrictions on their participation in society. This is the most fair, effective and compassionate way to resolve concerns related to dangerous dogs in the community.

What You Can Do

Using the form below, please send an email to your state assemblymembers and Assembly Speaker Coughlin urging them to bring S.1923 to a vote in the Assembly with no further changes.

Thank you, New Jersey!