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New Jersey, Bill to Help Victims of Dogfighting Needs Your Voice

New Jersey, Bill to Help Victims of Dogfighting Needs Your Voice

Update—October 2, 2018: Great News, advocates! The New Jersey Senate unanimously voted in favor of Senate Bill 1923. This measure is now one step closer to giving dogs that are victims of cruelty and abuse a second chance in your home state. Stay tuned for next steps as this bill advances to the Assembly.

New Jersey’s current dangerous dog law imposes harsh consequences on the canine victims of dogfighting, including burdensome confinement and, in some cases, even destruction.

Your state senator is considering legislation (S. 1923) that would eliminate the damaging, automatic legal designations of “vicious” and “potentially dangerous” for dogs who were forced to engage in fighting activities or “unprovoked attacks.

Dogs used in the heinous “sport” of dogfighting are cruelty victims, and they certainly should not be labeled as dangerous or punished because of their history of being abused.

By eliminating the presumption of dangerousness, this bill would help ensure that only genuine and unprovoked aggression by a dog results in restrictions on the dog’s participation in society. This is the most compassionate, fair and effective way to resolve concerns related to dangerous dogs in the community.

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