Michigan: Safeguard Virtual Vet Care in Your State!

H.B. 5804—Access to Veterinary Virtual Care
ASPCA Position: Support H.B. 5804
Sponsor: Rep. Julie Alexander

In 2021, the Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) gave Michigan’s veterinary professionals and pet owners broad access to veterinary telemedicine. These virtual appointments have provided countless animals with vital, high-quality care. Shockingly, the BVM is now considering rolling back this progress and blocking virtual vet care for vulnerable pets and their families throughout the state. 

Fortunately, H.B. 5804 has been introduced to keep these measures in place and protect the use of pet telemedicine appointments in Michigan. H.B. 5804 has made it through Michigan’s House of Representatives and progressed to the State Senate, where it awaits a committee hearing.  

To keep virtual veterinary care in place, Michiganders must ACT NOW.

Why Veterinary Telemedicine Is Important

If your pet has ever become ill overnight when most veterinary clinics are closed, you know how vital it is to be able to connect with a licensed veterinarian quickly. Telemedicine not only makes vet care more accessible in situations like this, it also benefits a wide range of people and pets—including anxious pets and people living in remote and underserved areas. Video calls offer pet owners safe and convenient vet care for a wide range of ailments and preventative services.

The veterinary industry is facing a critical shortage of professionals in the workforce, and Michigan families are struggling to access care for their pets. As we have seen in human medicine, video telemedicine calls help bridge gaps in care caused by workforce shortages or other barriers to healthcare access. To keep virtual veterinary care accessible—we need your voice today!

What You Can Do

Please use the form below to email your state lawmakers and the Michigan BVM TODAY and urge them to safeguard virtual veterinary care in Michigan.