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MI: Don’t Let Lawmakers Roll Back Protections for Farm Animals

MI: Don’t Let Lawmakers Roll Back Protections for Farm Animals

Veal crates, gestation crates and battery cages are frequently used to confine animals on farms throughout the state. Calves, breeding pigs and egg-laying hens who are housed in these cruel systems are crammed into such small spaces that many are unable to turn around or even lie down for the entirety of their lives.

Michiganders recognized the inhumane nature of these practices, and 10 years ago the Legislature passed a law to phase out the use of cruel confinement methods by 2020. However, since its passage, instead of taking meaningful action to comply with this law, agribusiness has been tirelessly working to prolong the phase-out date.

S.B. 174 is Big Ag’s latest attempt at reversing meaningful protections for farm animals. If passed, this bill would allow agribusiness to continue using cruel confinement methods by delaying the implementation date for egg producers until  to 2025. The industry has had over a decade to make meaningful progress towards becoming compliant with this humane law. These delays are a betrayal to Michigan’s animals and family farmers.


What You Can Do

Use our form to send an email to your state senator urging him or her to oppose corporate agribusiness’s attempt to reverse protections for farm animals.

Thank you, Michigan.