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Maryland, Support Mandatory Veterinarian Reporting of Animal Cruelty

Maryland, Support Mandatory Veterinarian Reporting of Animal Cruelty

Update—March 21, 2017: Great news, advocates. H.B. 1463 passed out of the House and will now move to the Senate. Please contact your state senator today in support of this important bill!

Veterinarians are on the front lines of the fight against animal cruelty. Because animals have no voice, law enforcement officials rely almost entirely on tips from neighbors or veterinarians to identify and prosecute cases of animal abuse. 

Most veterinarians are already making reports of suspected cruelty because they believe it is their ethical and professional responsibility, but they are not currently obligated to report anything. A decision not to report suspected cruelty puts animals and humans at risk.
To ensure that animal abuse does not go unseen and unpunished, the Maryland General Assembly is considering H.B. 1463, legislation that would require veterinarians to report animal cruelty in the same way that doctors or teachers are required to report child abuse. 

What You Can Do

Please take these two important actions today to help better protect Maryland’s animals from cruelty: 
Call Your Senator. Please place a quick, polite call to your state senator in Annapolis and urge support of H.B. 1463. If you don’t know who represents you in the Maryland State Senate, you can find his or her name and phone number here
Email a Message of Support. Use the form below to send a follow-up email to your state senator with the same message of support. 
Thank you, Maryland!