Massachusetts: Upgrade Welfare Standards for Hens

Amendment 721—Cage-Free Egg Upgrade
ASPCA Position: Support
Sponsor: Rep. Daniel Cahill

Update—April 20, 2021: The Massachusetts House of Representatives is currently considering Budget Amendment 721, which would mandate important enrichments for egg-laying hens. Legislators only have until Friday, April 23 to support Amendment 721, so act TODAY!

In 2016, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly passed Question 3—an Act to Prevent Cruelty to Farm Animals—which, starting in 2022, will prohibit the cruel confinement of egg-laying hens, mother pigs, and calves raised for veal, as well as ban the sale of products from animals kept in these inhumane conditions. Massachusetts advocates like you have already made it clear that you’re against cruelty and want better lives for farm animals.

Since the passage of Question 3 four years ago, leading food companies and several other states have mandated even stronger welfare standards for egg-laying hens. Amendment 721 would upgrade the standards passed in Question 3 to keep up with these developments and expand the law to include the sale of liquid egg products, which make up the majority of what is used in restaurants and institutional food service.

Not only will this result in higher cage-free standards for hens, but it will provide enrichments so hens can engage in vital natural behaviors, like perching and dust-bathing. Amendment 721 is an opportunity to strengthen the law and improve the lives of millions of birds!

What You Can Do

Reach out to your state representative now! Call your legislator and urge them to co-sponsor Budget Amendment 721 to institute critical upgrades to Massachusetts’ Question 3 law and improve the lives of laying hens.
Calling only takes a few minutes and makes a huge difference! You can find your representative and their phone number here:
When you call your representative, simply say:
“My name is [NAME], I live in [TOWN] and I’m calling to urge Rep. [NAME] to co-sponsor Budget Amendment 721, which would strengthen Question 3 standards and improve the lives of millions of laying hens. Thank you.”

Thank you, Massachusetts!