Oppose Harmful Bill Designed to Hide Factory Farm Cruelty

cows in a dirty stall looking through the rusty gate
KY S.B. 16—Prevents the Exposure of Factory Farm Cruelty
ASPCA Position: Oppose
Sponsor: Senator Jason Howell

Update—April 15, 2024: In a disappointing twist of events, the Kentucky General Assembly voted to override Governor Beshear's veto of this dangerous "ag-gag" bill, and it will now become law. Thank you for each action you took to try to stop this bill.

This new law will have disastrous consequences for farm animals, food safety and public health throughout Kentucky. Ag-gag legislation is a disturbing assault on free speech; these bills are designed to prevent people from exposing horrific animal abuse and food safety violations within industrial agriculture facilities. This ag-gag law will criminalize the simple act of taking photographs and videos, which are critical for revealing patterns of abuse that may be occurring at agricultural operations.

There has been a disturbing rise of ag-gag bills over the past decade, and similar laws have been deemed unconstitutional and overturned in states including Iowa and North Carolina. Whistleblowers must be protected so citizens can hold industrial agriculture accountable.

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