Oppose Harmful Bill That Could Fuel Puppy Mill Cruelty in Indiana

IN S.B. 134—Sale of Companion Animals
ASPCA Position: Oppose
Authors: Rep. Mike Aylesworth, Senators Doriot and Leising

Update—May 1, 2023: GREAT NEWS! This dangerous bill was progressing quickly, but Indiana’s legislative session ended on April 29, before S.B. 134 could receive a vote in Indiana’s House of Representatives.

The Sale of Companion Animals bills (S.B. 134) would have had disastrous consequences for dogs if passed. This bill would have stripped Indiana’s cities of their authority to prevent the sale of puppies in retail pet stores, allowing puppy mill cruelty to flourish.

Thank you for each action you took to stop this bill from advancing. We will continue fighting against legislation that puts animals and communities at risk—please stay tuned for updates and more information about how you can help.