Oppose Harmful Bill That Could Fuel Puppy Mill Cruelty in Indiana

IN S.B. 134—Sale of Companion Animals
ASPCA Position: Oppose
Authors: Rep. Mike Aylesworth, Senators Doriot and Leising

Update—March 8, 2023: Disappointing news. The Indiana Senate has passed S.B. 134, bringing this bill one step closer to becoming law. There's still time to stop this bill, but your voice is needed TODAY! Please contact your lawmakers and urge them to oppose S.B. 134.

Indiana lawmakers have introduced a dangerous bill that could have disastrous consequences for dogs if passed. The Sale of Companion Animals bills (S.B. 134) would strip Indiana’s cities of their authority to prevent the sale of puppies in retail pet stores, allowing puppy mill cruelty to flourish. Take action now to stop this bad bill from becoming law.

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Most puppies sold in stores come from puppy mills, which are horrible facilities where dogs are often kept in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization. A few states and hundreds of local governments across the nation have enacted laws to keep cruelly bred puppies out of their stores, but puppy mills are fighting back. Their lobbyists are pressuring state legislatures to pass dangerous bills like this one, which block cities and counties from prohibiting the retail sale of puppies in their communities.

What You Can Do

Use this easy form to email your state lawmakers and urge them to oppose the Sale of Companion Animals Bill.