Iowa: Put a Stop to Breed-Specific Legislation

IA S.F. 143—“Blue’s Bill”
ASPCA Position: Support
Sponsor: Senator Chris Cournoyer

Over 70 municipalities in Iowa currently prohibit the ownership of certain dogs based solely on their appearance. We feel that banning entire breeds via “breed-specific legislation,” also known as “BSL,” without accounting for the temperament of each dog as an individual, is misguided, discriminatory, ineffective and unenforceable.  

According to a study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is no evidence to prove that breed-specific legislation makes communities any safer.

These local bans keep hundreds of thousands of Iowans from choosing the dogs they want for their families, and punish otherwise friendly, well-socialized dogs. This year, state Senator Chris Cournoyer has taken a stand against BSL and introduced S.F. 143, named after her beloved dog, Blue, to prohibit Iowa’s towns, cities and counties from enacting discriminatory breed-specific bans. This bill would also void any existing local BSL.

Following the lead of Iowa municipalities like Anamosa and Sioux City, and those across the Midwest region (such as Springfield (MO), Eureka (MO), Liberty (MO) and Prairie Village (KS)) that have recently overturned BSL, this state-level bill would promote the adoption of strong “dangerous dog” laws, which address individual animals and owners and protect people and pets more effectively.

It is time to lift the breed bans!

What You Can Do

Please use the form below to email your state lawmakers and urge them to support S.F. 143, "Blue's Bill," to ban breed-discriminatory legislation in Iowa!