Florida: Don’t Let Puppy Mills Make Rules for Your Community

FL H.B. 849/S.B. 994—Preemption/Keeps Cruel Puppy Mills in Business
ASPCA Position: Oppose
Sponsors: Rep. Juan Fernandez-Barquin, Senator Manny Diaz

Legislation is pending in Florida that could have disastrous consequences for consumers, local governments and dogs. Florida H.B. 849/S.B. 994 contains harmful language that would strip Florida cities and towns of their authority to enact laws to stop the sale of puppy mill dogs, leaving more dogs to suffer in squalid conditions and reversing progress made to shut down the puppy mill pipeline that brings cruelly bred dogs into the Sunshine State.

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As you may know, most puppies sold in stores come from puppy mills. These commercial breeding facilities prioritize profit over the health and welfare of animals, and dogs owned by these operations are often kept in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization.

That’s why hundreds of local governments across the nation—including 80 in Florida—have enacted their own local laws to keep cruelly bred puppies out of their pet stores. In response, pet store lobbyists are pressuring state legislatures to pass “preemption” bills, like this one, blocking cities and counties from adopting ordinances that prohibit the sale of puppies in stores.

What You Can Do

If you live in Florida, please use the form below to contact your state legislators today and urge them to oppose H.B. 849/S.B. 994.

Thank you, Florida.