Pasco Co., FL: Shut Down the Puppy Mill Pipeline

Prohibit Retail Dog and Cat Sales
ASPCA Position: Support

Update—September 8, 2020: Despite strong opposition from Pasco County constituents, today Pasco County Commissioners voted to adopt a flawed law that unfortunately won’t stop the retail sale of puppies in pet stores.

While we appreciate the intentions of the Board to address puppy mill cruelty, this newly adopted law contains problematic loopholes and sets a harmful precedent.
Not only does the new law allow the County’s current puppy-selling retail pet store to continue operating indefinitely, but the law allows pet shops in Pasco County to legally sell cats and dogs if they acquire the animals from shelters or rescue groups. While this may sound good at first, pet stores across the country have been documented selling puppy mill puppies to unknowing buyers through fake “rescue” groups.

Pasco County deserves better! A law that clearly prohibits the retail sale of dogs and cats in pet stores—while permitting legitimate adoptions on site—is the only sure way to shut down the puppy mill pipeline into Pasco County for good.

It’s our understanding that the County may consider closing these problematic loopholes in the near future. Join our Advocacy Brigade to stay updated.