Manatee County, Florida: Shut Down the Puppy Mill Pipeline

Retail Pet Store Ordinance—End Retail Sale of Dogs
ASPCA Position: Support with No Loopholes

Puppy mills keep dogs in cramped cages—forcing them to breed over and over without ever knowing the joys of playtime or human affection. That’s why over 75 local governments in Florida have enacted laws aimed at stopping the retail sale of puppies from puppy mills. However, there’s no law to prevent stores in Manatee County from selling puppies who have been shipped from out-of-state puppy mills.

Manatee County Commissioners are currently considering adopting a formal ordinance that, if passed, could shut down the puppy mill pipeline into Manatee County for good.

We must make sure that the Commission adopts an effective law that does not contain dangerous loopholes—such as exempting stores that currently sell puppies or allowing stores to sell dogs from certain sources and pose as “rescues” to skirt the law.

What You Can Do

As a resident of Manatee County, you can make a tremendous difference for dogs by sending the email below to commissioners and asking them to end the retail sale of dogs in stores.

Once you’ve sent the email, please also take a moment to call your county commissioner at (941) 745-3700.

Whether you reach a live person or a voicemail, please provide your name and say, “I’m a resident of Manatee County, and I’m calling to ask my county commissioner to support an ordinance that will effectively end the retail sale of dogs and cats in stores—with no loopholes.