Colorado, Don’t Let Pet Restrictions Tear Families Apart

Woman hugging dog
CO H.B. 23-1068—Pet-Friendly Housing
ASPCA Position: Support
Sponsors: Rep. Alex Valdez and Senator Faith Winter

Update—March 13, 2023: Great news! This bill has passed out of the Colorado House of Representatives, bringing it one step closer to becoming law. Your voice is needed TODAY to urge the state Senate to pass it, too!

Colorado lawmakers are considering a state bill that would remove barriers to pets in housing, making it possible for families to find and keep homes that welcome their beloved pets. This pet-friendly housing bill would:

  • Limit the amount a landlord can charge for pet deposits and "pet rent".
  • Prohibit insurance companies from using a dog’s breed to determine coverage and cost of insurance policies.
  • Require landlords to contact their local animal control for the care of a pet if a pet is left alone during the process of eviction.
Why pet-friendly housing is important

Families face huge barriers when searching for a home with their pets. In addition to the straightforward “No Pets!” rule, they often encounter policies that limit how many pets they can own or that discriminate against a dog’s breed or weight. When a family finally finds housing that allows pets, it can come with costly pet deposits and additional monthly “pet rent.” These restrictions have a devastating impact on pet owners, especially renters and lower income households.

Pets are considered part of the family by the vast majority of households, yet an increasing number of pet owners are being forced to surrender their animals due to restrictive and costly policies, flooding city shelters with pets who could have remained with their families if these barriers didn’t exist. Legislation like H.B. 23-1068 can improve our current housing crisis.

What You Can Do

Help advance this bill! Use our easy form below to email your state senator, urging them to make Colorado’s housing truly pet-friendly by supporting H.B. 23-1068.

Thank you for taking action to help people and pets in Colorado!