California: Improve Farm Animal Welfare!

A cow and her calf
CA A.B. 1232—Resilient Farms and Ranches Program Funding
ASPCA Position: Support
Authors: Assemblymember Damon Connolly

California lawmakers have introduced a bill that would establish the Resilient Farms and Ranches Program—a crucial initiative that will help California’s farmers and ranchers achieve meaningful animal-welfare certifications and improve the lives of the animals in their care.

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Supporting the Resilient Farms and Ranches Program will have a positive impact by:

  • Helping farmers and ranchers adopt more humane and holistic standards of care, improving the lives of potentially millions of farm animals.
  • Transitioning farmers to more climate-friendly practices, including raising animals on pasture.
  • Giving farmers and ranchers who have been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudices without regard to their individual qualities a head start in meeting animal-welfare standards.
  • Expanding access to local, higher-welfare food in schools and other public institutions.
  • Positioning California as a leader in the movement toward more humane, welfare-certified farming systems.

The ASPCA has been spearheading the establishment of this program with the support of farmers, food companies and advocacy organizations (including animal welfare, sustainable agriculture, public health, farm workers). Now, we need your help!

What You Can Do 

Use our quick form below to send an email to your state lawmakers in Sacramento, urging them to pass this bill and support the Resilient Farms and Ranches Program!

Thank you for helping to improve the lives of farm animals and people in the Golden State.