Arizona, Protect Your State’s People and Animals!

AZ H.B. 2372/S.B. 1224—"Right to Farm”
ASPCA Position: Oppose
Sponsors: Rep. Tim Dunn and Senator Sine Kerr

Legislation pending in Arizona includes harmful language that protects the interests of “Big Ag” over the rights of your state’s people and animals. We urgently need your help to stop this measure today.

As awareness of the devastating environmental impact of industrial farming grows, communities concerned about their health and wellbeing have taken action to combat these effects. But rather than reform their destructive practices, corporate agribusiness is responding by pushing "Right to Farm" laws.

These laws restrict the ability of citizens to dispute changes to agricultural operations or protect themselves through litigation—even if an operation has expanded significantly or is employing practices that have serious impacts on air, water and overall quality of life for nearby communities.

If House Bill 2372 and Senate Bill 1224 pass, Arizona’s factory farms would be able to greatly expand in size, or change the type of farming they’re doing entirely, without ever having to consider the impacts these changes would have on the communities around them. The legislation would also greatly limit who is able to take action against harmful farms to those living within a half-mile of a farm, despite the fact that negative impacts of factory farming practices can spread for miles.

The state should not allow factory farms to expand with total disregard for the wellbeing and health of local communities. Your voice of opposition will be crucial in stopping this bill from moving forward.

What You Can Do

Please help us stop this dangerous bill from becoming law by using the form below to send a message to your state lawmakers urging opposition to House Bill 2372 and Senate Bill 1224.

This legislation could be voted at any time, so please don’t delay. Thank you, Arizona!