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Maryland, Thank Your Lawmakers for a Great Year for Animals!

Maryland, Thank Your Lawmakers for a Great Year for Animals!

MD: Multiple Animal-Protection Bills
Action Needed:  Please contact Governor Hogan and your state legislators in Annapolis and thank them for passing these important animal-protection bills this session. See action steps below!

It was a great year for Maryland’s animals! The Legislature passed four important animal-protection bills that have all been signed into law by Governor Hogan:

Pet Store Sourcing and Roadside Sales Ban (S.B. 663, H.B. 1113; Sen. Joanne Benson and Del. Ben Kramer)
These laws strike a huge blow to the cruel puppy mill industry by banning the sale of pets in public places, such as roadsides, and restricting retail pet stores from selling puppies from unlicensed breeders or breeders who have violated the federal law.

Dog Fighting Implements (S.B. 283; Sen. Susan Lee)
This law will crack down on the brutal blood sport of dog fighting by making it a crime to possess dog fighting equipment for the purpose of training or using dogs for fighting.

Animal Shelter Transparency (H.B. 494; Del. Christian Miele)
This law will increased transparency in animal shelters by requiring them to create and publicize a written veterinary care protocol, their hours and procedures for redeeming lost animals, and their intake and outcome data.

Microchip Scanning (H.B. 46; Del. Mark Chang)
This law will help ensure that lost pets are reunited with their owners by clarifying that animal shelters must check stray animals for microchips and notify their owners.

One important bill that unfortunately did not make it across the finish line would have required research facilities to offer dogs and cats for adoption once they are no longer needed for research. This bill passed the House but did not receive a vote in the Senate before the end of session.

What You Can Do

It's so critical to let our legislators know we are grateful for their efforts to make Maryland a more humane state and set the stage for success next year!

Please call Governor Hogan at (410) 974-3901 and thank him for signing these four important bills to protect Maryland’s animals.

Then, after you place your call, please use the form below to send an email to your state legislators with the same message of thanks, and to urge your senator to make humane adoption of companion animals used in research a priority next session.

Thank you, Maryland!